Locke & Key: Ranking Every Character From Worst To Best

Who had the key to our hearts in Netflix's Locke and Key?


Netflix's lucrative venture into the weird and wonderful world of fantasy continues in the form of its latest series Locke & Key - which has just arrived on the streaming service.

Based on the IDW comic series of the same name, the show follows Nina Locke and her three children Tyler, Kinsey and Bode who, following the death of their beloved husband and father Rendell, pack up and leave Seattle, moving to his family home in Massachusetts. However, when they arrive there, the kids soon realise that there is more the centuries-old house than its eerie architecture and, with that, they quickly understand why their father never talked about his childhood there.

A show that thrives on its unnerving concept, Locke & Key has a lot going for it. That being said, it would be remiss of this writer to pretend that the characters (and the cast playing them) weren't its strongest aspect because, a few stupid decisions aside, the personalities on this show are what ultimately carries it.

On that note, let's take a moment to look back at all the characters that Locke & Key has to offer and, while we're at it, rank them from worst to best.

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