Loki Episode 1: 8 Biggest Questions

7. How On Earth Is The Show Inspired By Teletubbies?

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Before the first episode of Loki ever dropped on Disney+, director Kate Herron was asked about her influences for the show.

In her answer, she cited Blade Runner, Mad Men, and Teletubbies. Clearly there is an odd one out here, and it left fans incredibly intrigued and puzzled.

After the first episode, some inspirations have been made clear, even stretching so far as Miss Minutes being strikingly reminiscent of the DNA strand that welcomed guests to Jurassic Park, but as of yet it has proved impossible to pinpoint where the Teletubbies come into things.

There has been no baby's face in the mid-day sun, no anthropomorphic vacuum cleaner, and no vast, rolling hills. It doesn't count that Thanos bears a vague resemblance to Tinky Winky, leaving fans still just as in the dark with regards to the connection after episode one as they were before.

There are still five episodes of the series left, so it may become clearer as the weeks go on, but even for a show as obviously unique and bizarre as Loki, it's hard to imagine what Herron has taken from the children's TV show.

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