Loki Episode 2: 8 Biggest Questions

Could Loki be taking us back to the home of Thanos?

Lady Loki Episode 2
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After arguably the best opening episode to any of the Marvel Cinematic Universe shows on Disney+, Loki's second episode had a lot to live up to. The setting had been established, Loki himself had caught up on The Dark World, Ragnarok, and Infinity War, and had been given his task, so what next?

The answer is another strong episode, potentially even slightly better than the first. Loki and Mobius took to the field hunting down the other Variant Loki, more Minute Men were killed, and the big reveal of the mysterious Loki was made.

Of course, there were answers to some of the questions posed by episode one in there, but as the credits rolled fans were left with far more than when the episode began.

Many of these revolved around the cliffhanger that closed out the series' second entry, and the reveal itself, but there is still uncertainty about the TVA itself, and one of the key characters in the show so far. Of course, answers will be coming, but this is now the golden time before the next episode, where fans can truly dive into all the uncertainty surrounding the show, and try to figure out what it all means.

8. Who Is Judge Renslayer's Other Analyst?

Lady Loki Episode 2
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From what has been shown of the Time Variance Authority in the first two episodes, it's clear that Mobius is the most popular agent with the MCU fan base. An argument could be made for Casey, the man who knows neither what an Infinity Stone nor a fish is, but generally, it would be Mobius.

It would seem that Judge Renslayer holds a similar opinion. She clearly has taken a special interest in the analyst, and has more than a few trophies from missions of his that she has authorised, but as Mobius found out when he saw something in her office he didn't recognise, he isn't her only special agent.

Episode two spent a little time building around Mobius' jealousy of this mystery character, and as with anyone in the MCU that is mentioned but not named or shown, questions will immediately be asked.

Could this be a classic case of overthinking, as with WandaVision's aerospace engineer? Absolutely. Will that stop MCU fans, this writer very much included, from constantly questioning even the smallest of details despite the inevitable disappointment of another unfounded theory? Absolutely not!

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