Loki Episode 6 FINALE: 8 Insane Theories That Could Be True

Big castle, major villain, future of the MCU... who else??

loki castle dr doom theory

With the third Disney+ series from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the franchise has hit its third home run in a row.

WandaVison was an incredibly unique, bizarre property, and after Falcon and the Winter Soldier brought the franchise back to more typical comic book territory, Loki has returned to the weird and wonderful.

After introducing the brand new entity of the TVA, and the concepts of Variants, different timelines, and the Void at the very end of time itself, there have been twists and turns into the unknown all throughout the series. The way the penultimate episode has left the series, fans have no idea what to expect from the finale.

Yet, this is all part of the fun of having these episodes release weekly on Disney+. Fans may not know what is coming, but that won't stop them from trying to figure it out before the final episode of the series drops.

Of course, the biggest mystery right now revolves around who is mastermind behind the TVA occupying the castle at the end of time, but there are also questions about how Sylvie came onto the TVA's radar in the first place, and who else might be currently evading Alioth in the Void with all the Loki Variants.

8. Kang The Conqueror Created The TVA

loki castle dr doom theory
Marvel Comics

Back when WandaVision was releasing weekly on Disney+, there wasn't an episode that went by without either a new theory, or the expansion of a pre-existing theory revolving around the involvement of Mephisto.

This ultimately came to nothing, but it hasn't stopped fans from doing exactly the same thing with Loki and Kang the Conqueror.

There have been so many things that have pointed to the time travelling villain that it is difficult to ignore these theories. The fact that the entire series is based around different timelines, Renslayer's involvement, and the fact that a Qeng Enterprises building, Kang's business from the comics, can be seen in the Void all seem to paint the picture of the warlord's eventual involvement.

However, this has sprouted several different theories regarding the character. He may be revealed as the puppeteer pulling the TVA strings in episode six, but which version of him will it be?

There are theories that suggest it will be a Variant of Kang, and not the Jonathon Majors version set to appear in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, while others suggest he could be Immortus, the future version of Kang.

There are countless different ways Marvel Studios could play out Kang's introduction to the MCU, but many fans think it will come as part of Loki's series finale.

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