Loki: Every Main Character Ranked From Worst To Best

It took more than just Loki to make the series the success it was.

Loki richard e grant

For ten years, Loki has lived in Thor’s shadow in the MCU, in much same way the character did for his entire childhood. He was constantly outshone by his brother as the lead role throughout Thor, Thor: The Dark World, and Thor: Ragnarok, and was defeated by the Avengers in their first ever team up.

However, he still carved out a reputation as one of the franchise’s greatest ever villains, and was working hard towards becoming a hero, or at least an anti-hero in his own right. Finally, Disney+ was able to give him his own lead in a series.

With Loki being catapulted into the lead role, able to flourish without Thor, Odin, or Doctor Strange to hold him back, Marvel Studios did a fantastic job of building a solid cast of characters around him. Other than the titular character himself, every Loki main character was a newcomer to the franchise, which easily could have led to under-developed, poor characters, but for the most part, this wasn't the case.

From workers in the TVA, to Variants of himself, and a bizarre, talking clock, there were plenty of weird and wonderful characters joining Loki in his first season on Disney+.

10. Boastful Loki

Loki richard e grant

When Loki was pruned by Judge Renslayer and sent to the Void, he soon found that he was neither dead, nor alone. Instead, he woke up confronted by four different versions of himself, one of which could only be described as Boastful Loki, despite that description being suitable for most, if not all Lokis.

It was soon confirmed why he was called this over the other Variants in the Void, as he began to proudly explain how he defeated Iron Man and Captain America, claiming all six Infinity Stones for himself. Judging by the reaction of the others however, he may have been lying.

Boastful Loki didn’t get to have a whole load of screen time, as he soon got caught up in the brawl of the Lokis in their underground hide-out. Thanks to his betrayal of the Loki Variants he had survived with, and President Loki’s betrayal of him, the last that was seen of him was fighting numerous versions of himself.

This almost made him one of the most Loki of all the Lokis, as he tried to trick those that trusted him, but he was left behind before he had the opportunity to make too much impact on the series.


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