Loki: Every Variant Ranked Worst To Best

Not all Loki's are created equal.

Loki richard e grant

The god of mischief has gone by many names and faces throughout his history. In Norse mythology, he would shapeshift all the time, and other variations of his story saw more of the same.

However, in the MCU, we got pretty used to seeing him with one face, that being Tom Hiddleston's.

The actor's performance as Loki is now the quintessential picture many conjure up when thinking of the trickster god. This is why the prospect of him getting a Disney+ series was so exciting for some, even if many fans thought it was flogging a dead horse.

Thankfully, the series proved to be way more than just a hollow shell to revolve around Hiddleston's iconic baddie, as it introduced a tonne of new elements to the MCU and kick-started what will become a significant part of the story in the future.

Despite the many plus points for the show, an easy highlight was getting a chance to see multiple versions of Loki from different universes. Fans had been eagerly awaiting the introduction of the Multiverse, and one character who easily benefitted was Loki, as we got a whole rainbow of character from him.

However, although these variants may all be Loki, some stand above the rest with an even more "divine purpose".

7. Boastful Loki

Loki richard e grant

It's almost unfair that this character has to sink to the bottom of the list, as there's plenty of fun to be had with Boastful Loki. His arrogant demeanour - which pairs with his namesake - great look, and spirited performance all made him a welcome presence. He even has the pride of having killed Iron Man and Captain America in his universe - allegedly. Sadly, he has some drawbacks.

Firstly, he's pretty underdeveloped, as his betrayal against Kid Loki eliminated his chance to grow as a character. Plus, he didn't even succeed in claiming power, which - while very standard for Loki - did make his treachery feel entirely pointless.

Further from this, he's easily the least Loki-like out of the bunch, which comes down to a few factors, such as his look and power. Seeing a Loki who attempts to imitate Thor's aesthetic makes sense, but it strips Boastful Loki of that deliciously tricky and sneaky aesthetic that the character has become known for.

Additionally, he's way more physically powered than how Loki has always been presented, which while great in its own right, does strip some of the character's charm, as seeing him outsmart his more physically impressive enemies was part of his appeal.

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