Loki Season 1 Finale: 10 Biggest Questions We Still Have

Nothing will ever be the same again.

Loki finale

Of the three Disney+ series to drop from the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far, Loki undoubtedly had the strongest debut episode, and now that the sixth entry has dropped, it's arguably taken the crown for the greatest season finale as well.

From start to finish, Loki has been compelling and charming, keeping fans guessing at every single twist and turn. It has been unique, unlike anything else the MCU has ever produced, putting Tom Hiddleston and his wonderful character centre stage.

Rounding off the incredible series following the God of Mischief, 'For All Time. Always' finally revealed the being at the head of the TVA, while Loki and Sylvie fought each other over what they believed in, and Mobius and Revonna had a not so friendly reunion at the TVA.

Fans were given answers to some of the most pressing questions from throughout the series, and yet, in classic Marvel fashion, were still left with more questions than before.

Many of these aren't just for the next episode or for the foreseeable future of Loki and the TVA, the finale potentially altered the landscape of the entire MCU, and fans understandably have questions. Lots of questions.


Spoilers within.

10. What Timeline Is Loki In?

Loki finale
Marvel Studios

Despite seeming to be on the same page ever since they left Lamentis-1, Loki and Sylvie crossed swords and daggers when it came to killing He Who Remains. Loki defended the mysterious character and tried to protect the TVA, while Sylvie wasn't buying any of it, and went undeterred from her life long mission.

The two were essentially at a stalemate, before Sylvie opened a door back to the TVA using He Who Remains' TemPad, and pushed him through. This seemed simple enough, until Loki found Mobius and Hunter B-15, and neither one of them recognised him.

This was a timeline that Loki had never visited before, clearly one of the branches that Sylvie achieved by killing He Who Remains. Loki now finds himself in a TVA where he never met Mobius, and the statues of the Time Keepers have been replaced by the man Sylvie killed.

It would seem that Mobius and B-15 in this timeline aren't aware that they are Variants yet, and the TVA is controlled by one of the versions of He Who Remains that he tried to warn Loki and Sylvie about.

But what else is different? With this being an alternate timeline, literally anything could have changed.

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