Loki Series: 10 Hidden Details You Totally Missed

All the easy to miss plot details in Loki's trailers.

Loki Gram

It's no secret that Marvel Studios absolutely loves to tease its audience by hiding winks and nods inside the trailers for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Like the mischievous Loki himself, the makers are not afraid to throw in deliberate misdirects or edit out key information to throw off eagle-eyed viewers.

Thankfully though, the two Loki trailers that have been released so far are absolutely packed with references and juicy details to relentlessly pick at until the show's release this coming June.

From references to the comic books, the extended MCU, and even moments within our own real life history, there is a lot to digest despite the short amount of footage seen on display so far.

With Marvel now dipping its toes into the realms of time travel and multiverse exploration, anything and everything is on the cards. However, take each of these with a grain of salt as nothing is set in stone; Marvel has already punished fan theorists and wild speculation with the WandaVision/Mephisto fiasco, and as mentioned previously, the series is a big fan of misdirection. (That being said, John Krasinski is definitely, 100% showing up as Mister Fantastic in this one... definitely.)

As the long-awaited Loki series edges closer and closer, let's look back at all of the details fans may have missed in its first two trailers.

10. Loki's New Magic

Loki Gram
Marvel Studios

Despite dressing like a witch, Loki hasn't really done that much magic in the MCU.

Sure he has created illusions, often disguising himself to get out of tricky situations, but that has basically been the limit to his powers. During Thor: Ragnarok he is even bested quite easily by Doctor Strange, who Loki had previous called a "second-rate sorcerer".

This blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment in the trailer shows that Loki can be just as effective in combat without his knives or sceptre.

Reminiscent of Wanda's magical blasts, Loki too can now produce a burst of magical energy from his hand. It's unsurprising that Loki is able to do this given his magical background but it was still a surprise nonetheless.

The more surprising factor is that it has taken over ten years of Loki on the big screen to see him use his magic in any kind of offensive way.

Hopefully, this is just a glimpse at the future potential of Loki's abilities going forward.


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