Louie: 10 Reasons It's The Greatest Show Of The Past Decade


I would like to start this off by emphasizing just how fortunate I am to be writing about the artistic tour de force that is "Louie". I can honestly say that Louis C.K.'s comedy, as well as his appearances on "The Opie and Anthony Show", have changed the way I look at life. Admittedly, it took me a little while to fully warm up to his FX television series, but once I did, I realized that no other show in the past ten years has come close to being as ground-breaking, innovative, and consistently outstanding as this. I'm interested to hear what you guys think of "Louie", so be sure to leave your comments below!

10. The Variety of Guest Stars

louie_chloe "The Larry Sanders Show" is easily one of the greatest pieces of entertainment to ever be filmed, and one of its strongest factors has to be the insane amount of guest stars that popped up throughout the show's run. Not only did actors portray made-up characters, but because of the talk show element, various entertainers had the opportunity to play exaggerated versions of themselves. Similarly, guest stars are often some of the highlights of "Louie". Naturally, due to the fact that C.K. is a well-respected comic, he frequently calls upon his stand-up buddies for appearances. Everyone from the fantastic Jim Norton to the legendary Jerry Seinfeld have made their mark on the show, and they've all certainly pulled it off. It's not only comedians that act alongside Louis, though. Huge stars, along the lines of Paul Rudd and Robin Williams, have stopped by throughout the show's three seasons, and they have all absolutely killed it. Louis has even written roles for non-actors. The greatest radio broadcasters of all-time, Gregg "Opie" Hughes and Anthony Cumia did some voice work as two wacky, over the top radio jocks, and filmmaker David Lynch portrayed a character you'd pretty much expect David Lynch to portray.
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