Louie Season 4 Won't Air Until Spring 2014

Louie - arguably the best comedy series currently on television - has been showered with prestigious awards, critical praise and dangerous amounts of audience-love over the course of its relatively short run: that's because it's absolutely amazing. Innovative, genre-bending, touching, hilarious, surreal, weird, groundbreaking, and sometimes even frustrating, Louie is genuinely a show like no other (we're not just saying that, honestly). But now the beloved sitcom (which airs on FX in the US) is going on a long hiatus because creator Louis C.K. wants a break before starting the next season and the world hates you. And - because he's almost succeeded in becoming the most popular comic in the US - he can do whatever he wants these days. Besides, the man has an Emmy now, so who gives a damn about anything? Well, we do, Louis. We do. Louie will be back in Spring 2014, apparently, though we've now lost hope in everything the human race has ever achieved and/or promised. So thanks for that.

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