Lucifer: 10 Most Heartbreaking Moments From The Series

What moment from Lucifer broke your heart the most?

Lucifer Trixie

Over its six-season run, Lucifer was an emotional roller coaster ride, with moments so funny that'd they'd make you laugh until you cry, and others so devastating that they'd snap your heart into two. The whole series is a masterclass in balancing tones. It walked the line between silly comedy and serious drama with the finesse of a gymnast.

For the purpose of this list though, we're going to focus on the series' more emotional moments. Out of 93 episodes, choosing the most hard hitting moments is difficult, as the main thematic through line in the series is learning to manage the inherent pain that comes with being alive. As a result of this, characters in Lucifer face more trauma, loss, and hurt than the residents of Gotham City.

Lucifans, like their beloved characters, never once got to catch a break. Anytime something good happened, it's almost as if the series had conditioned us to wait for the other shoe to drop. So, without any further delay, let's dive into those heartbreaking moments that we'd much rather forget than remember.

10. Ella's Dating A Serial Killer

Lucifer Trixie

Ms. Lopez just can't catch a break huh?

Ella Lopez is kind, compassionate, understanding, and just generally a great person. Her only downfall is her taste in men. To put it bluntly, she likes bad boys.

By the season five episode "Spoiler Alert" she has tired of repeating the same mistakes, wanting a good guy instead of a bad one, something she gets in the form of Pete. At first everything is going great. Ella feels loved, appreciated, and respected. She has finally found someone who makes her feel good about herself... that is until it's revealed that Pete is a serial killer.

What makes this revelation so heartbreaking is the way in which it affects Ella. She comes to question her very self-worth. To her, if the type of guys she attracts are pieces of garbage, then what does that say about her as a person? This level of pain and insecurity even transfers over to the next season, affecting a possible relationship with someone who by all means is actually good.

Ella feels as though she is underserving of love because of the men who are drawn to her, when instead the opposite is true. She is a good person, and bad guys flock to her hoping they can manipulate her good nature for their benefit. Pete was the same, with the only difference being that he got her to believe he wasn't.

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