Lucifer Or Supernatural Quiz: Match The Episode To The Series

Can you name the show from just one episode?

Lucifer Supernatural
The CW

Supernatural is a long story written, well, most of it, by almighty God... or Chuck if you will. The main heroes of the series are hunter brothers Sam and Dean Winchester who decided to take over the family business and save as many people as they could. They had ghosts, vampires, ghouls, shapeshifters on their plate. And on top of everything else, they were chasing after Lucifer, a rebellious angel or he was chasing after them.

While Sam and Dean got the negative version of Satan, Detective Chloe Decker had the privilege to solve crimes with the charming spectacular that is Lucifer Morningstar.

Both Lucifers have been blamed for all the evil of the world, both had disaccord with their siblings, and of course, both struggled with some serious daddy issues. Eric Krikpe’s Lucifer couldn't handle his issues well and chose to start the Apocalypse. Tom Kapinos’ version of Lucifer was pacifist and a delight... well, most of the time anyway!

Featuring a Lucifer character, both Supernatural and Lucifer had many episode titles related to the Prince of Darkness. Let’s see if you can match the episode to the series.

1. Lucifer, Stay. Good Devil


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