Lucifer Quiz: Lucifer Morningstar - What's His Next Line?

Hello, Detective.

Lucifer Morningstar

It turns out that the devils in hell are also not alien to our earthly weaknesses - craving for a luxurious life and mortal boredom. And one of them, Lucifer Morningstar, found a cure for these ailments.

He decided to arrange a vacation for himself, going straight to our land in order to amuse himself and tickle the nerves of others. And to say that he lived well here is an understatement.

A luxurious club, an expensive car, affordable girls and a sea of booze - this is what Lucifer's new life became. The only thing that remained unchanged was the widespread presence of lost souls among the still-living inhabitants of our planet. Well, what can you do, the devil's job is not an easy one.

He enjoyed playing with mere mortals like a cat with mice. He was quite pleased with himself and wasn't in a hurry to go home. This guy was proud of his origin, and boasted of his immortality at every given moment.

Lucifer Morningstar definitely delivered some emotional yet poignant quotes about betrayal, love and darkness. But the question is, do you know him well enough to correctly finish his famed quotes?

1. "People Sometimes Kill The People With Whom They're In Love."


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