Lucifer Quiz: Who Said It - Chloe Or Lucifer?

Was it the Devil or the Detective?

Lucifer Chloe

When the Devil got bored of ruling Hell, he thought what better way to start over than moving to Earth and partying like there's no tomorrow. He definitely did just that with his loyal sidekick Maze! And it was here that he would meet the love of his life, Chloe Decker.

The two began their relationship as reluctant colleagues and later friends. Lucifer would use his "Luciferness" to help Chloe solve murder cases and bring the bad guys to justice, despite at times wanting to do much worse!

Over time their friendship turned into something more magical. Chloe and Lucifer were meant to be together and the two shared some very emotional moments over the course of the show's six seasons. The question we have for Lucifer fans today is, can you tell these two apart from just their quotes alone?

The following twelve quotes either came from Lucifer Morningstar or Chloe Decker. All you have to do is identify who said what. Are you up for the challenge? Let's find out!

1. "Sometimes We Get Along Best With The People We’re Most Different From."


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