Lucifer Quotes Quiz: Who Said It - Lucifer Or Maze?

Was it Samuel or his assistant?

Lucifer Maze

Lucifer Morningstar arrived in Los Angeles with his right hand and one of his most trusted lieutenants and servants, Maze.

The demon with no soul was very protective of Lucifer, had no emotional needs, yet was fun and loved earthly desires and pleasures. However, within the course of the series, both the Prince of Darkness and the Most Skilled Torturer Hell's Ever Known went through some changes as they interacted with humans.

The former inhabitants of Hell brought their eccentricities to L.A. and its police department. Having a BFF and a babysitter like Maze and a partner and boyfriend like Lucifer, helped Detective Chloe Decker solve crimes and catch criminals.

Chloe Decker, her daughter Trixie and Linda Martin had a huge influence on the duo. Even Dan Espinoza, Detective Douche played his part in their life in LA.

Lucifer and Maze had a strong and special bond, but they had their fair share of fights, both cruel and dangerous. At the end of the day however they always found a way to become accomplices again.

Let’s see how well you remember the rule breakers of the popular crime series Lucifer, who refused to play by the book. Who said these lines - was it the Devil or his assistant?

1. "Well, Congratulations. Weirdness Averted."


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