Lucifer: The Ultimate Episode Quiz

How well do you remember the episodes of Lucifer and their unique titles?

Lucifer Header

With every episode of the series Lucifer, the case of the fallen angel became curiouser and curiouser.

The Prince of Darkness' embodiment on Earth raised many questions amongst the audience. Why did he choose Los Angeles as his earthly residence? What game was he planning to play and, eventually was anyone upstairs, in Heaven aware of Lucifer’s new crazy initiative?

Linda Martin, Lucifer’s therapist, tried to unlock the box of mystery that was Lucifer, the Devil. Every episode of the mysterious series opened new secrets, introduced new characters and raised even more questions than it answered. Watching the show is like a step by step manual of universal and celestial matters or a Diary of Lucifer about his life on Earth, his job, relationship with friends and the loved one, Detective Decker. We wonder what the titles of the pages of his diary would have looked like?!

Putting aside the assumptions, let’s see if you remember the titles of the episodes of the series, Lucifer. We have picked 15 random titles and messed some of them up to see if you can differ the twisted episode titles from the real ones.

1. Lucifer, Stay. Good Devil


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