Lucifer: You'll Never 100% This Fill In The Gaps Chloe Decker Quotes Quiz

You'll need to be as clever as Chloe herself to fill in all these quotes!

Lucifer Chloe Decker

Every TV show needs it's will-they won't-they couple and for Lucifer that couple is Lucifer Morningstar and the detective Chloe Decker.

Introduced in the first season, Chloe Decker was a detective without a partner and trying to prove herself to a station of people who didn't trust her. However, she soon found a partner in the most unlikely of people, the Devil himself.

While their partnership was reluctant to being with, as Chloe found Lucifer to be off-putting, they eventually became friends and began to develop feeling for each other. Following the relationship between these two characters has been one of the biggest draws for long time fans of the show, as audiences wait to see if these two can find some way to be together.

Chloe and Lucifer have been tested many times however, they've always come through the other side with their bond even closer than ever. Who said having feelings for the Devil would be easy?

If you think you're as quick witted and fast thinking as Chloe, then take this quiz and fill in the blanks from the following quotes. Only a true Lucifan will get 100% on this quiz!

1. "Truth Be Told I Find You ____, Like On A Chemical Level."


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