Lucifer: You'll Never 100% This Fill In The Gaps Lucifer Morningstar Quotes Quiz

How well do you remember these quotes from the King of Hell?

Lucifer morningstar

Being a leading role on a TV show is no simple task, but Tom Ellis as the ever charming Lucifer Morningstar makes it look easy. He's managed to make his role as the King of Hell a complex and intriguing one, delivering witty one liners one minute and heartbreaking drama the next.

Unfortunately, with Lucifer coming to an end with its sixth season, we have to say goodbye to Ellis' charm. But he won't be the only one that fans will miss. Detective Decker and the rest of Lucifer's entourage are also going to leave a hole in fans' hearts. Yes, Lucifer may have had plenty of moments to shine, but the others brought a sense of normality to the story. Well everybody except Maze that is!

With so many great moments, it would be hard for even the most dedicated Lucifans to remember them all. However, if you think you know Lucifer better than Chloe does, then test yourself by taking this quiz and seeing how many blanks you can fill in!

1. "You've Got More To Do Here, You've Got More People To ____."


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