Lucifer: You'll Never Get 100% On This Ella Lopez Quiz

Ella may be a bubbly ray of positivity, but how well do you know this fan favourite character?

Lucifer Ella Lopez

Based loosely on Neil Gaiman's The Sandman and developed for television by Tom Kapinos, Lucifer is a crime procedural and fantasy show with a fanbase so active that when the show was cancelled on Fox, thanks to support from fans the show gained new life on Netflix.

Thanks to an expert blend of crime of the week episodes and overarching plots about supernatural forces interacting in the mortal world, it's no wonder that the show gained the following it has.

However as good as the stories are, the show would be nothing without its varied and well written characters and the charming and captivating cast. From Tom Ellis' devilishly charming performance and the series lead, to Lauren German's fast thinking Chloe Decker, to Lesley-Ann Brandt's compelling and layered Mazikeen who can deliver action, attitude and raw emotion sometimes all at once.

And of course there's Ella Lopez, the quirky forensic scientist with a heart of gold and a known lover of hugs. Played by Aimee Garcia and joining the cast in the second season, it would be hard to imagine the show as it exists without Ella's boundless optimism, often providing some levity to the show during its darkest moments.

But how well do you know Ella? Take this quiz and see if you're as smart as she is!

1. Who's Wish Was It That Ella Move To Los Angeles?


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