Lucy Liu is Dr Watson in CBS' Sherlock Drama 'Elementary'

Charlie's Angels actress will play Joan Watson in the Sherlock Holmes re-imagining.

Those worried about CBS' contemporary, New York set drama pilot Elementary being an Americanised rip-off BBC's Sherlock, need not be so concerned any longer. A major difference in the concept has just been announced. Deadline reports that Lucy Liu has been cast as Dr. Watson. Joan Watson to be precise. CBS have switched the gender of the super sleuth detective's sidekick to female, meaning there will be no Robert Downey Jr/Jude Law type bromance in this one, but instead a sexually charged chemistry so often seen in male/female detective shows. Jonny Lee Miller was cast recently as a Brit Sherlock Holmes. The show now has a synopsis;
"The project... is set in present day and stars Jonny Lee Miller as eccentric Brit Sherlock Holmes, a former consultant to Scotland Yard whose addiction problems led him to a rehab center in New York City. Just out of rehab, Holmes now lives in Brooklyn with €œsober companion€ Joan Watson (Liu), a former surgeon who lost her license after a patient died, while consulting for the NYPD."
Veteran €˜Medium€™ writer Robert Doherty will scribe the show based on Arthur Conan Doyle€™s creation and oversee the development as executive producer. Sarah Timberman and Carl Beverly will also produce. These are the folks behind CBS€™s current shows €œA Gifted Man€ and €œUnforgettable.€ Michael Cuesta (Homeland, Dexter) directs the pilot.
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