Luke Cage Season 2: What The Ending Means For The Netflix Marvel Universe

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Luke Cage has been on one hell of a journey. The hero of Harlem has shut down the production of a drug branded with his name, negotiated deals with Nike, fought the belligerent Bushmaster, teamed up with the immortal Iron Fist and ended Mariah Stokes' reign of terror, plus came out the other side with the most popular club in Harlem and a fancy new suit.

At the end of the second season, the titular hero embraces the ownership of said club (Harlem's Paradise), as the new self-proclaimed sheriff of Harlem. This is a massive change in the landscape of the Harlem underworld, with Luke now maintaining the position of "patching up the wall" around the borough and playing diplomat between the remaining crime families.

While he himself may be convinced that he won't end up like his half-brother Diamondback, Luke Cage has already become somewhat of a crime boss, as pointed out by both Misty and D.W. The season's ending may not please everyone, but whatever the future holds, it will be interesting to see what happens in Marvel's Harlem nonetheless.

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