Marvel's Jessica Jones Season 2: 10 Best Moments

The high-points from Jessica's middling second season.

Jessica Jones Season 2

Jessica Jones' second season is streaming now on Netflix, and while Krysten Ritter still delivers a magnetic performance as expected, it's hard to say that the second time around maintains the high standard set by the first.

Handicapped by the absence of David Tennant's wonderful villain Kilgrave and an over-abundance of wildly melodramatic subplots, there's a lot in this season that feels like filler and might even qualify as "boring".

Plus, Netflix might want to start trimming these shows down a bit and have them run 6-8 episodes, because the narrative flab is starting to become ever more blatant (and tough to sit through).

That said, there are certainly some compelling seeds sewn for season three, though hopefully series creator and showrunner Melissa Rosenberg might think a little harder about the finer details next time.

However, there are undeniable high-points throughout the latest batch of 13 episodes, from satisfying death scenes to killer one-liners, shocking revelations, surreal interludes and one of the MCU's most amusing sex scenes to date. Spoilers follow.


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