Marvel's Jessica Jones Season 2: 10 Best Moments

8. Officer Sunday To Jessica: "You People" (Episode 5, "AKA The Octopus")

Jessica Jones Sunday

After spending some time in police custody following the brutal murder of Nick Spanos, Jessica is let go by the cops after camera footage makes it clear the perpetrator was in fact the super-powered mystery woman using the name Leslie Hansen (Janet McTeer).

As Officer Ruth Sunday uncuffs Jessica, Jess incredulously asks, "That's it? I'm free to go?", to which Sunday replies, "Not if I had my way. I think you two are working together. I know how you people like to team up."

Jessica, disgusted at being profiled because of her super-powers, mouths back at her, "You people?", somewhat hilariously underlining the prejudice against super-powered people in society. Coming from a black person - who the "you people" put-down is usually aimed at - it's extra peculiar.

It's a small moment that nevertheless says a lot about a post-Avengers society at large, and Sunday sure pays for her snide comment later on in the season, when "Leslie" hurls her out a window to her skull-cracking demise.


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