Marvel Or DC Quiz: Who Said It - Thanos Or Darkseid?

Which world-conqueror said it?

Darkseid and Thanos

Over the last few decades, superhero cinema has taken the world by storm. From employing A-list actors to delivering the highest-grossing movies and most-watched TV shows, the induction of comic book superheroes into modern graphic action-riddled Hollywood has become the industry's focal point.

While these comic book heroes and villains are transported from page to living characters, the battles have not changed. Whether it be the Avengers against a cosmic entity or the Justice League's attempts to save the universe, one battle that occupies every fan's mind is - Marvel vs. DC.

Both Marvel and DC have exploded into the mainstream limelight of Hollywood. Just like their fierce competition in the comic book industry, the battles remain the same with higher graphics and high definition violent output leveraged through mesmerizing action sequences. With the Marvel-DC debate becoming a hot topic, it's common for fans to debate over the most powerful characters from these two universes.

Thanos is undeniably the most dreaded fan-favourite villain from the Marvel universe, and inarguably Darkseid is the most renowned and feared villain from the DC universe. Both are clear counterparts, not in their essential equipment, but in their personalities; they are cursed with knowledge and have a hardcore will to conquer the world, making Thanos vs. Darkseid an even more considerable debate leading to many fan theories.

No one knows who'll emerge victorious if this crossover ever happens. Maybe, it's the one who wants to control every being in the universe or the one who wants to eliminate half of the beings in the universe. But, certainly, you won't find a worthier opponent for either one. So, before we take these two iconic villains to the battlefield, let's test your knowledge of these infamous world conquerors and see if you can tell them apart from these quotes alone?

Answers at the end!

1. "You Heroes Are False Gods. When People Stop Believing In You, You'll Shatter Like Glass."


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