Marvel's Daredevil Season 3: What Does The Ending Really Mean?

What happens to Matt Murdock, Kingpin & more? Daredevil Season 3's ending explained.

Daredevil Season 3

After a wait so agonising you kinda got to know how the guy who impaled his own head on a spike in Season 1 felt, Daredevil is finally back on Netflix.

Season 2 dropped way back in March 2016, but at last the highly-anticipated third season has arrived, landing on the streaming service last Friday, and mercifully it does not disappoint.

Picking up several months after The Defenders, which left Matt Murdock in a dire state and under the supervision of Sister Maggie, Season 3 finds him at his lowest point (and that's really saying something): he genuinely believes he should now live as Daredevil, rather than Matt, and is angry at himself, God, and the world around him.

That world includes Wilson Fisk, who (sort of) negotiates his release from prison, setting the two on an epic path to destruction that forms the basis of the third season. With FBI Agent Benjamin Pointdexter thrown into the villainous mix too, supporting players being fleshed out, and a lot of crime drama and action, it's an awesome mix that, after 13 episodes, serves us a shocking-yet-satisfying conclusion.

Contains spoilers for all of Daredevil Season 3.


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