Marvel's Jessica Jones: 33 Easter Eggs & References You Probably Missed

"Sweet Christmas!"

Just when you thought Netflix couldn't possibly follow up their astonishing success with Daredevil with a show rescued from development hell about an alcoholic Private Investigator and a villain with possibly the most ridiculous name of all time, they've only gone and bloody done it. Jessica Jones might not be as blisteringly violent as Daredevil, but it is a wonderfully written character story that focuses on yet another strand of the post-superhero narrative (what happens to real people when the Avengers "save" the city). And rather than being about capes and costumes, the show deals with the idea of a super-spectrum, and of reluctance to duty that doesn't fit Spider-Man's "great power, great responsibility" slogan. And it's smart, charming and brilliantly acted to boot, so there's not much to hate (aside from the weird 1980s action movie guitar). The show is also double-stuffed with Marvel references, just as Daredevil was, and there's a lot of lore and comic book culture to pour over to really appreciate how nerdy the show really got. Luckily, that's a personal speciality... WARNING: Inevitably, lots of spoilers for the entire series follow.

33. Obviously, There's This Little Guy...

Clearly Captain America is still popular with some normal people, despite the growing suspicion over superheroes and the call to regulate their behaviour that will play such a big part of Civil War.

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