Marvel's The Punisher: 31 Easter Eggs & References You Need To See

1. The Defenders

Defenders Netflix EW

Though it follows it pretty closely, there are very few references to The Defenders or any of the other individual Netflix star characters. That might be deemed a shame by some, but as long as it meant there was no reference to the bloody Hand again, it's not really a problem.

There is one big reference to the events of the ensemble show though. When Geoffrey Cantor’s New York Bulletin editor Mitchell Ellison returns - after debuting in Daredevil, he's holding a newspaper with a headline that reads “Terror Under The Streets”, alluding to the events that threatened to destroy New York completely during The Defenders.

Quite what the official story his paper puts out remains to be seen, as it's unlikely they'd let the actual truth get out, surely?

Did you spot any more Easter Eggs in The Punisher? Share your finds and favourites below in the comments thread.

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