MCU Phase 4: Marvel Zombies & Captain Britain Confirmed For What If...? At D23

What If...? tease confirms exciting details...

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With Disney+ coming in the very near future (and possibly even getting a UK release date, who knows, eh MOUSE?!), it was always likely that the studio would use the opportunity of their own convention to introduce even more exciting details on the project. And so far, D23 hasn't pulled any punches.

We've seen the first trailer for The Mandalorian, confirmation of a new Lady & The Tramp live action movie that was made mostly in secret, a Lizzie McGuire grown-up sequel series and THREE new MCU additions (She-Hulk, Ms Marvel and Moon Knight). On top of that there's also been a glut of information on projects we already knew were being made, including the MCU Disney+ "event shows".

On top of things like Darcy returning (in WandaVision), Kevin Feige announcing that the Disney+ shows WILL overlap with MCU movies and a vague outline on Loki, there was also a brief look at what we can expect from animated show What If...? The panel confirmed that there will be a storyline in that show dedicated to each of the 23 MCU movies released so far and even more excitingly, we got a look at what some of those stories will look like.


Footage shown at D23 confirmed a fight between Bucky/The Winter Soldier and a ZOMBIE Captain America, Peggy Carter receiving the super soldier serum and wielding a Union Jack-emblazoned shield as Captain Britain and the still-skinny Steve Rogers inside a huge Mark I style Iron Man suit.

If this is the only way we get Marvel Zombies and Captain Britain in the MCU at all, it will be something of a shame, but in confirming fan-favourite things like this, Disney have struck a positive blow already. Oh to be a fly on Netflix's wall today.


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