MCU What If...? - 9 Biggest Takeaways From Episode 2

8. Captain Genocide

What If...? T'Challa
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The MCU has had Captain America, Captain Marvel, a new Captain America, and now, Captain Genocide.

In the universe where Peter Quill became Star Lord, he never truly crossed paths with The Mad Titan until he came face to face with him on the villain's home planet. He became one of the most disliked heroes in the entire MCU when he woke Thanos up by punching him in the face, allowing him to regain consciousness and take his Infinity Gauntlet back.

T’Challa however, sought Thanos out, and showed him that there were other ways to redistribute the universe’s resources and essentially save everyone in existence. He even recruited him to be a Ravager, resulting in a version of the MCU’s greatest villain no one could have ever imagined before now.

His past earned him the unofficial title of Captain Genocide from Korath, while Kraglin and the rest of the Ravagers had no problem ribbing him for his quest. However, this was all forgiven, as he helped T'Challa and Yondu on their exploits throughout space.

Who knew that seeing Thanos joke about would be so much fun? Yet he still had the madness in him, and when he needed to bring his mean streak or save his daughter, he wasn't about to back down.

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