Minority Report Gets 2 For 1 On Precogs

Because who needs actual twins?

EW have got the skinny that Stark Sands, through a good amount of camera work and clever jiggery-pokery will be taking the precognitive roles of twin brothers Arthur, and lead character, Dash. Set ten years after the first film, Minority Report: The TV Show (definitely not the title), will see one party of the precognitives, Dash, struggle to block out his dark visions of the future. The burden will come as a blessing to a female detective that crosses paths with the gifted gent and will use him to find answers to her past, as well as crack a case every week or so. Considering that Stark (no relation to the iron-clad billionaire or the bad luck laced family from Winterfell) is taking the lead as Dash, chances are his twin character Arthur, will either kick the bucket early on or turn out to be the evil one. Should either of these hold true, then my precog abilities look to be coming along nicely. The show has already nabbed original film cast member, Daniel London to reprise his role as the Precog€™s caretaker, Larrie to step in for the show. As for the role of tough-nut female detective, that€™ll go to Meagan Good, whose most notable roles were in Anchorman 2 and Think Like A Man. She€™s also the furthest replacement you could think of for someone that isn€™t Tom Cruise. What can you do, eh?

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