Misfits: 5 Most Pointless Powers Ever

Misfitsmilk Last month saw the return of the dark comedy Misfits, the fifth €“ and final €“ series of the Howard Overman-created show. Following Rudy, Jess, Finn, Alex and Abbey - a group of young offenders sentenced to work unpaid community service, along with their often cynical probation workers - Misfits has given us some of TV's more peculiar of characters. Not because of their criminal misdeeds or shady backstories, but because of the freak electrical storm that transformed their lives forever by endowing them with various 'powers' at the start of the show. These so-called 'powers' are designed to reflect the owner's personalities and desires, such as a shy person gaining the ability to turn invisible or a wistful person the ability to turn back time. Throughout the show's four year run, we've seen some pretty awesome powers; from invincibility through to invisibility, and some of these supernatural perks can come in handy. However, we've also seen some pretty daft, borderline pointless powers exhibited in the past, powers that, though they may add to the humour of the show, simply make the user look like a fool. And, with that in mind, here, we take a look at 5 of the Most Pointless Misfits Powers Ever. Click "Next" to get started.
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