Misfits: Who Said It - Nathan Or Rudy?

Is your superpower from the storm that you're amazing at quizzes? Find out!


E4's Misfits went through five seasons of fast-paced, energetic and darkly-humoured TV. Audiences were quickly charmed and won over by the ridiculous scenarios that a group of teens with two things: ASBOs and superpowers. Whilst the charm of using powers such as invisibility to mind-reading in both everyday and more outlandish, comic situations was brilliant, the reason 'Misfits' earned such a devoted audience was its wonderful ensemble cast.

In the first two seasons, the gem of the cast to most was Robert Sheehan's Nathan; a wisecracking, dead-beat Irishman with nothing better to do than wind up his fellow criminal friends. However, his heart, humour and wit cemented him as a fan favourite and the eventual reveal of his immortality is one of the show's finest moments of dark humour and lengthy payoffs.

So when Sheehan left the cast for the third season, many were left sweating over the future of the show. Up stepped Joe Gilgun's Rudy, who brought split personalities, northern soul and a lot more emotion to the role, making a welcome addition and eventual lead for the final three season.

With such memorable characters comes memorable quotes. But do you know who said them? Test your knowledge here.

Answers at the end!

1. "Was This On The Jeremy Kyle Show?"


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