Modern Family Quiz: Did Phil Dunphy Say It?

"That's... Philsosophy!"

Modern Family Phil

Modern Family ran for eleven full seasons from 2009 to 2020, and gained immense success in that time. With numerous awards, countless celebrity guests, and simply being known by all, Modern Family was huge. It followed a large family split off into 3 unique individual families.

Jay Pritchett, the patriarch of the family, had two children - Mitchell and Clare. Clare and her husband Phil have three kids, endless stress, and lots of fun. Phil Dunphy himself is an aspiring magician, successful realtor, and excellent father, but that doesn't stop him from being nagged non-stop by his wife Clare.

Phil is often hailed as the best, or least one of the best, characters due to his hilarious comic timing and flawless line delivery. The psychical comedy Ty Burrell is able to demonstrate while playing Phil is second to none, and had people laughing for eleven years straight. It's bizarre to think that Phil was almost played by Friends alum Matt LeBlanc when Ty Burrell was such perfect casting.

Do you know Phil well enough to get 100% on this quiz?

1. “If God Wants A Hamburger, This Is What She Cooks It On!”


A grown up... allegedly