Modern Family Quiz: Finish These Jay Pritchett Quotes

How well do you know TV's grumpiest grandpa?

Modern Family Jay

With its focus on one larger family split down into three, Modern Family became one of the most popular TV shows of the modern era. Starting in 2009, the series would run for 11 seasons before coming to an end in 2020. And one of the stars of the show throughout this run, was Ed O'Neill's Jay Pritchett.

For Jay, he's joined by his second wife Gloria, her son Manny, and the couple's son Joe. Added to that, Jay himself of course has two other children - Claire and Mitchell - from his prior marriage. Like Jay, Claire and Mitchell's family also found themselves in the spotlight across Modern Family's 11-year run.

In familiar form, O'Neill's Jay is your stereotypical 'grumpy old man' whose never afraid to let his feelings known when he's not happy with something; which, let's face it, is an awful lot of the time. Still, there are moments where Jay's passion and mild positivity shines through, such as when Manny starts to do well at fencing. From there, the interactions between Jay and Manny became more and more heartwarming as Modern Family develops, with the pair forming an extremely tight bond by the time the show came to a close.

Looking back across those 11 seasons of masterful Modern Family, then, how well can you remember the following Jay Pritchett quotes?

1. "If Shorty Calls, Tell Him I’m ____."


A grown up... allegedly