Modern Family Quiz: Match These Scenes To The Correct Season

Do you know the big family as much as you think?

Modern Family Halloween

The mega popular sitcom Modern Family took the world by storm in 2009 when it first aired, and quickly became one of the most successful sitcoms ever made, rivalling shows like Friends, Seinfeld, and The Office.

With three families and their day to day lives as the main focus of the show, Modern Family found its footing by being both relatable and hilarious throughout. Each of the three families have their own unique dynamic and wacky members, so when the lot of them come together in their frequent big-family events, hilarity occurs.

Fans often find themselves unable to choose a favourite character, which is truly a testament to how good each and every one is. That said, Phil Dunphy seems to be a particularly strong player when it comes to being the favourite. His ridiculous antics and comedic timing is beyond flawless and cracks the audience up time and time again.

Naturally, a show this popular is going to run for a long time, which it did. Modern Family ended in 2019 after its 11th season. But, do you know all 11 seasons well enough to match the following scenes to their respective seasons?

1. What Season Is This From?






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