Modern Family: The Ultimate True Or False Phil Dunphy Quiz

Are you Phil-ing confident or will you be a real Dumb-phy?

Phil Modern Family

Is there a TV dad in the history of television more inspirational than Phil Dunphy?

Ray Barone? Too lazy. Walter White? Too meth-y. Homer Simpsons? A bit too strangle-y for my liking. No, the ultimate dad award goes to Phil Dunphy from Modern Family.

Played by Ty Burrell, it seems that the Ultimate Dad trophy isn't the only award sitting on his mantlepiece, as his run on Modern Family won him 2 Emmys for his portrayal of Phil Dunphy.

In 250 episodes of the utterly hilarious TV show, Dunphy was regularly the source of the biggest laughs and, at times, the most heartfelt moments. The show ran from 2009 to 2020 and, as emotional as it was to see the Dunphy kids grow up, it was also touching to see how Phil changed as a father, never losing his sentimental touch for his growing kids.

As loving as Phil could be however, he could be equally clumsy, oblivious and downright dumb a lot of the times but that's why we love him! To show some appreciation for the man, we've devised this true or false Phil Dunphy quiz to see just how well you know the man, the myth and the legend.

1. Phil Was Born In Australia.


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