Modern Family: You'll Never 100% This Fill In The Gaps Gloria Pritchett Quiz

How well do you know the Colombian Queen?

Modern Family Uncle Grumpy

What fans most love about Gloria is how she can go from terrifyingly threatening to selflessly loving within the blink of an eye. She will do anything for her family to help them and has no reservations about being a fierce mama bear when anyone tries to harm them.

Of all the characters on the show, she gets the most laughs for her hilarious misunderstandings and chilling stories about her life growing up in Colombia

Gloria Pritchett is the feisty, outspoken and adorably protective mother of Manny and husband to Jay Pritchett. Over the span of 250 episodes and 11 seasons, she was a constant source of love, humour and support, but she certainly wasn't afraid to let her dark side out from time to time.

Played hilariously by Sofia Vergara, Gloria quickly found a way into our hearts with her slightly mispronounced words and her struggles with adapting to life with the Pritchett family. Along the way, she has also blessed us with some truly outrageous and brilliant quotes but just how well do you think you can remember them?

If you think you can score 100%, then please give this quiz a go as you try to fill in the blanks of some of Gloria's best quotes.

1. "How Many Times Have I Told You Not To Call Mom When You're Dressed Like ____?"


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