Money Heist: Ranking All The Main Characters From Worst To Best

Which member of the Money Heist cast makes it to the top spot in our rankings?


Money Heist is one of the most successful foreign-language Netflix shows and a big part of its success is its incredible cast of characters. From hot-headed Tokyo to sleazy Arturo, the heroes and villains of this Spanish thriller never leave us indifferent.

Each one is so well-written and developed, with their own distinct arcs and unique personalities, and a big part of the show's appeal is watching how these characters interact and seeing the often surprising ways in which their stories develop.

None of them are perfect, each one with his or her own flaws, and it's a credit to the show's writing and acting that Money Heist fans have gotten so attached to the cast and will spend hours arguing in defence of their particular favourites.

But even though the writing is fantastic and the acting is dynamic, it's fair to say that some of the characters are a little more magnetic and memorable than others. With this in mind, here's our full ranking of the main Money Heist characters from worst to best.

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