My Hero Academia: 10 Most Underrated Heroes

Hiding behind the stars are some little heroes just waiting to show their potential.

My Hero Academia
Bandai Namco

My Hero Academia is well known for its small army of heroes. The range of original characters is a large part of what gives the show its charm and keeps things interesting. Since Heroes are a dime a dozen in this universe, though, it’s hard to keep track of them all.

Trainee heroes at UA Academy, pros working at the various agencies, and an assorted range of other superpowered do-gooders have a range of quirks from super-strength and invisibility to more esoteric abilities like bellybutton lasers and sticky head globes. It's only natural that while some stand out as particularly powerful, or even the opposite, promising heroes sometimes get lost among the crowd.

A look beneath the surface reveals plenty of heroes with major potential, even ones struggling to make their mark as they are. Some are weak now but just need a little time to get up to speed. Others are overshadowed by more popular figures. After all, it’s hard for characters to stand out when they aren’t given their own episodes. Even when they are, they’re often overshadowed by the flashier quirks of the characters around them. Especially when some have personalities as explosive as their powers.

10. Martial Arts Hero: Tailman

My Hero Academia

Having a tail isn't the most impressive superpower. In fact, one might wonder how Mashirao Ojiro and his big ole tail ever made it into the prestigious UA Academy to begin with.

The Martial Arts Hero has been a consistently strong member of class 1-A. He trains hard, is creative with his attacks and never backs away from a challenge. His tail can be used as a weapon but also as an aid to movement, allowing Tailman to get the jump on opponents. He's intelligent too, having taken constructive criticism to heart and contiunally plugged holes in his fighting style. This kid and his legendary tail can go far.


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