My Hero Academia: The 10 Worst Quirks In Class 1-A

Not all anime superpowers work out for the best...

My Hero Academia
Bandai Namco

My Hero Academia is an anime series bursting with unique characters, most of whom possess weird and wonderful quirks. But in a society where 80% of the population inherit superpowers, there’s guaranteed to be a couple stinkers in the mix.

Even in Class 1-A, U.A high school’s cream of the crop for freshmen year students, there is a serious imbalance in who’s got the coolest quirks and who got left with the bargain bin abilities.

Be it their temperamental nature, their weird and gross side effects, or just overall whackness, these ten aspiring heroes didn’t quite hit the superhuman lottery.

10. Mina Ashido - Acid

My Hero Academia

The lower entrants on this list are certainly not terrible quirks - they just suffer from a particular drawback, or are less useful than some of the other more versatile heroes in the class. The tenth spot could have gone to a number of students, be it Eijiro Kirishima’s mutant eczema or Kyoka Jiro the human aux chord. But all things considered, Mina takes this spot, with her ability to emit acidic fluid from her body.

First off, it’s just kind of gross. Shooting your sticky, hot goo around is not the most charming way to fight crime. Even her graceful skating technique loses its chic when you consider she’s sliding around in her own bodily slop.

There’s no doubt its strong, easily burning through solid objects, but this also makes it hard to control, as demonstrated when Kaminari tells her to hold back in their test against Nezu, for fear of “melting the principal”.

Let’s just agree there was missed potential for a much more interesting, psychedelic quirk called “acid”, or at least something a little less... icky.


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