Netflix Live-Action One Piece Review: 7 Ups And 4 Downs

Have the Straw Hat Pirates successfully set sail into live-action?

One Piece Netflix Poster

If you're a fan of the iconic One Piece franchise, then you're probably on cloud nine right now. People can barely move an inch on the internet without stumbling across something to do with the series, especially after the release of the Netflix live-action adaptation.

Now, hearing the words anime adaptation, live-action, and Netflix all in one sentence is usually enough to get fans sweating. Lest anyone forget the streaming platforms' disastrous attempts to re-create Death Note and Cowboy Bebop...

So how has the service fared with one of the most beloved Shonen stories ever made?

Well, shockingly, it's good, very good. Many viewers even think it has finally broken the live-action anime curse and proved that it is possible to bring the world of Japanese animation to the screen without butchering it.

Of course, while the show certainly has its plus points, it's not all smooth sailing. There are a few notable issues that keep it from being perfect and will hold some viewers back from fully connecting with it.

Ultimately, this is an excellent series for long-term fans and a fun adventure for newcomers. So, here's where Luffy's Gum-Gum Pistol connects and where it misses.

11. Down: The Obnoxious Close-Ups

One Piece Netflix Poster

There will be an entry later talking about the general cinematography, and (spoiler alert!) it will be much more positive. But there is one gripe that cannot be overlooked.

From the minute this show starts, you'll notice that it really, really loves a good close-up.

This seems fine initially, as close-up angles can quickly help viewers feel connected to the cast and involved in the story. They also add a cinematic edge, making the actors appear larger than life. But in this show, it quickly becomes annoying.

There are so many close-ups that it's distracting, as you'll be trying to enjoy the show and take in the stunning visuals, only to find yourself stuck an inch or two away from someone's face. Hell, you can count the cavities in their teeth at times!

This entry would have only been a nitpick in the first few episodes, but the fact these close-ups are so consistent takes it from being a minor grievance to a genuine distraction.

Playing with a distinct visual style is all well and good, but some personal space would be nice.


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