New Girl: 10 Jess Day Quotes Every Girl Can Relate To

Who's that girl? It's Jess!

Superheroes come in all shapes and sizes. Some are large and green and angry; some are smaller, hairier and more unexpectedly raccoon-like. But the most unlikely seeming superheroes are those who don't appear to be heroes at all.

Some are school teachers, slightly socially awkward, extremely quirky and are unable to have functional romantic relationships. A rare breed of hero is all of them packaged behind freakishly large eyes, just as New Girl's Jess Day is.

And despite the fact that she is forced to live in a loft with a rag-tag bunch of outcasts and weirdos, the New Girl who stopped being new as soon as everyone fell in love with her TV show and guaranteed her more seasons offers a perfect model of modern life.

Because being a girl is hard. There's hair, nails, make-up, relationships, diets, relationships, catty friends, homeless men who hold your car ransom and communal bathrooms. And unsurprisingly, for almost every struggle, there's a Jess Day quote to take the edge off. After all, she's been through pretty much every struggle imaginable...

10. " I Feel Like I Wanna Murder Someone And Also, I Want Soft Pretzels"


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