New Girl Quiz: How Well Do You REALLY Know Cece?

Cece is beloved by New Girl fans everywhere but how much do you remember about her?

New Girl Cece

Cece is a fan favourite on New Girl for good reason. Jess' best friend became one of the defining elements of the show very early on and grew to be one of the most emotionally resonant and beloved characters in modern sitcom history. Her charisma, comedic timing and emotional relationships have had New Girl fans laughing and crying for years. On rewatches of the show, she stands out even further, with her role expanding in content and versatility as the seven seasons progressed.

While Cece might not have been an official member of the loft, she's as important to the show as any of the other main characters and therefore, true New Girl fans will have picked up a lot of information about the opinionated, bombastic and utterly delightful character over the course of multiple rewatches. But how much do you remember about her?

This quiz will test your expertise on New Girl's stealth MVP and will hopefully reaffirm to you how incredible Cece is and might even convince you to put a favourite episode or two on afterwards.

1. What Is Her Surname?


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