New Girl Quiz: Who Said It - Jess Or Cece?

Best friends since childhood, can you tell Jess and Cece's quotes apart?


Somehow New Girl quietly turned ten years old this past September. It’s incredibly hard to believe that Zooey Deschanel’s endlessly charming sitcom is already a full decade old but that’s the reality. We’re pretty confident however that New Girl will stand the test of time.

Over 146 episodes and seven hilarious seasons, New Girl stands alongside The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother as being one of the best modern day sitcoms about a group of friends going through young adulthood together in contemporary America. In fact we’ll go as far as saying New Girl was THE Definitive friendship based sitcom of the last decade, basically the Friends of the 2010s era.

Best friends since childhood, Jessica “Jess” Day and Cece Parekh were the glue that kept New Girl together and although they were very different in many ways, they obviously shared lots of things in common to be so good friends for so long. But how similar were the things they said throughout the show and do you have the perfect ear to tell their quotes apart.

As always you can find the answers at the end!

1. “Why Are You Talking To Me Like A James Taylor Song?”


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