Only A Mikaelson Can Score 100% On This Fill In The Gaps Klaus Quiz!

Can you finish these iconic Klaus one-liners and prove you're a Mikaelson?

klaus mikaelson
The CW

The Originals is regarded as one of the best spin-off shows of recent times. The Vampire Diaries offspring came right at the height of the vampire craze that swept up the world and managed to hit the perfect note with fans.

The CW drama took on a rollercoaster of emotions, week after week, developing a deep bond with fans. Focused on the big and complicated Mikaelson family, also known as The Originals, the show became an even bigger hit than The Vampire Diaries, and one of the main reasons is the beloved character of the fan-favourite villain, Niklaus (Klaus) Mikaelson.

Throughout the series, Klaus has been represented as fearless, evil and ego-centric whilst simultaneously a romantic and fragile vampire, making this original vampire hybrid one of the most loved villains on-screen. Klaus is a complex and unpredictable character who was hated at first by the fans for his actions in 'TVD'. But soon, the character turned the corner with Originals.

His brutality, rage, and unmerciful nature blended into a sarcastic persona makes him one of the most iconic villains. Klaus' iconic one-liners set the theme of the show and resonate profoundly among fans. From sarcastic zingers to evil threats and egoistic ruthlessness, the 1000-year-old vampire never ceases to amaze fans with his iconic quotes.

So, here's a quiz for real Klaus fans. Can you finish these Klaus one-liners and prove you're a Mikaelson once and forever?

1. "You Look Familiar. Have I ____ You Before?"


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