Only A Real Sheldon Fan Will Get 100% On This Big Bang Theory Quiz

He's not crazy!


Sheldon Cooper is probably one of the most intelligent people on the planet. He claims that his IQ is that high that it cannot be accurately measured by "normal" tests. What a problem to have, right?

In the early days, Sheldon's intelligence and inability to relate emotionally with others often caused friction between the group. He had a tendency to interfere in situations that didn't involve him, but didn't seem to understand what was wrong with that.

He has probably never failed a test in his life, but can you pass this Sheldon Cooper quiz? Can you answer the following 20 questions to prove you know everything there is to know about the one and only Sheldon Lee Cooper? Only a true fan of TBBT will get 100% on this quiz. Let's find out if that's you!

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Answers at the end!

1. What Was The Name Of Sheldon's Father?


Laura Holmes hasn't written a bio just yet, but if they had... it would appear here.