Only A True Brooklyn Nine-Nine Fan Can Score 20/20 On This Amy Santiago Quiz!

How well do you know Brooklyn's stubborn sergeant?


Since its first appearance on our screens seven years ago, television fanatics have added Brooklyn Nine-Nine to their list of must-see sitcoms.

Introducing us to the lives of a unique group working in an NYPD precinct in Brooklyn, the popular show has created some hilarious characters across its seven seasons.

Thanks to the talented but outrageously confident Jake Peralta, the rule-following goody two-shoes Amy Santiago and a host of eccentric and frankly weird colleagues, who we wouldn't trust to protect our city in a million years, Dan Goor and Michael Schur's creation has consistently had us laughing at every series and the memorable moments within them.

As one of the show's main characters, the development of Santiago as the precinct's stubborn detective, along with her relationship with Peralta, has helped guide the show to the success it's achieved in every season.

Across 143 episodes of the police comedy, we've seen numerous storylines, romances and a whole lot of crime, but with so many memorable moments, how hard is it to remember all the facts? With that question in mind, how well you know the obsessively competitive Amy Santiago?

1. Which Of These Nicknames Has Amy NOT Been Known As?


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