Only A True Monica Fan Will Score 100% On This Friends Quiz

How much of a Friends fan are you?


Everyone has their favourite friend. Whether it’s Ross, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey, Rachel, or Monica - the genius of Friends is that every fan has their favourite character and the character they relate to the most.

Monica is the best friend. She is the friend that cares the most, and is so heavily passionate about her friends. From letting Rachel live with her to always making sure Joey was well fed, Monica is the mother hen of the group.

Arguably, Monica is the most important friend. All the friends know each other through her. She went to high school with Rachel, she is Phoebe’s ex-roommate, she is Ross’ sister and she lives next door to Chandler and Joey.

Although she never gets the attention she deserves (Courteney Cox is the only cast member not to receive an Emmy nomination for her performance),, the show would really not be the same without her.

So, as a Monica fan, I’m sure you are (otherwise you wouldn't be here), let’s see if you can score 100% on this quiz.

1. How Many Categories Does She Organise Her Towels Into?






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