Oops: THE WALKING DEAD Billboard Advertised Next To Funeral Parlour

Around 30 minutes outside of my home in Durham was a billboard poster for The Walking Dead that is soon to screen on Channel 5 in the U.K. after playing on Sky's FX channel last year. It's a cool poster but not one that has the residents of Consett, in the North East of England much pleased. The Daily Mail (via Bleeding Cool) reports that outdoor advertising firm behind it, Clear Channel, have been blasted for putting up the poster for a t.v. show about undead zombies who live off the flesh of the living right next to a funeral parlour. An official apology has gone out to The Co-opeartive Funeralcare and the poster since taken down and replaced. A spokesperson said;
"Clear Channel apologises for any offence caused by the unfortunate juxtaposition of this advertisement, which was certainly not intended,"
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