Parks And Recreation Or 30 Rock Quiz: Who Said It, Leslie Knope Or Liz Lemon?

Leslie or Lizzie, Les or Liz, can you tell who said which quote in this quiz?

liz lemon leslie knope

Leslie Knope and Liz Lemon are alike on so many levels, with bossiness being one of the first similarities found between them. Bossiness may come across as a negative thing but these women do it in the best possible way. Leslie has pretty much the entire government to manage and Liz runs a team of crazy writers and performers that have to be kept in line. When it comes to stepping up and taking charge, neither of these women are afraid to take the reigns.

The similarities don't begin and end there, though; there's the fact that while they aren't at all older women, they both embrace the future and already shun youths and want nothing to do with them. Also, at work they may seem like they run the place (and they effectively do) but they both have to answer to their frustrating, emotionally unavailable male bosses.

Oh yeah, and they are also massive fans when it comes to everything Harry Potter.

But can you tell who said it?

Answers at the end!

1. “What Time Do You Start Throwing Out Donuts?”


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